We’re back on, boys! Game Date: May 25th, 2019


Made an executive decision based one some new information and we’re going to postpone this session. We’ll reconnect as soon as everyone’s available. Thanks.

To Ironslag! For glory or for death!

It turns out that our beloved half-orc oaf, Konk was able to expedite preparations for the party’s siege on the Fire Giant stronghold, Ironslag. After receiving the aforementioned information and having consulted the availability calendar, it looks like May 25th (this coming Saturday) is going to be the next adventure date.

May your resolves be steeled, your sword arms well-trained, and may you remain in Mystra’s favor, for on this day we venture to the den of Giants in search of the fabled Conch of Teleportation. With a little resolve and a little more luck, your band of steadfast adventurers shall solve the riddle of the missing Storm Giant king and restore the Ordening, and thus peace to all of Faerûn!

If there are any new scheduling conflicts that I’ve not yet been made aware, please let me know asap, as we’re only 2 days out from the proposed session date. Outside of that, hold onto your knickers, kids, ’cause Ironslag is going to be a tough one.

Thanks, boys. <3

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