Site Revisions

Howdy gang,

As you’re all obviously aware, I put up some revisions to the site this past week. Below I’ll outline some of the changes.


Obviously, I completely redid the forums solution. I’m fairly certain most people have registered, but if you haven’t yet, do me a solid and check in on that. The sooner we get everyone involved and subscribed to threads and stuff the sooner this will start effectively functioning. Also, just remember that you might need to check your spam folders for forum notifications, as our domain reputation is pretty much nonexistent. If you’re feeling frisky, you can whitelist all communications from in your email provider.

Also, I mentioned it before but please feel free to invite anyone you think might get some use out of this tool to participate. I’m not going to be wantonly banning or unregistering people so go ahead and get some other game groups going, and if you ever want a new forum I’ll whip it up and give you mod no problem. Peren had a pretty interesting idea to get an official Wiki going for his Lewis & Clark game, which I thought was a pretty neat utilization of the platform.

Availability Calendar

This is possibly the most important feature of the whole rig, so be sure to check in and mark your availability. Please use your character names so I can at least get a sense of what is legit and what isn’t (in case of spammers). This doodle poll is ongoing, so you can always update availability as time progresses to account for days you can play. This is also a valuable way to check when we might have our next session before I post an official date announcement. The timeline on the calendar is from now to two years out, so we’ll be using this for the foreseeable future.

To enter and edit your availability, just go to the “Availability” link in the navigation bar, enter your name and then select your availability from the list of dates (they’re all Saturdays). If you are adding more availability info or are editing your availability, just click on the little edit (pencil) icon next to your name and click on the new values.

I plan on making a new blog post every time we have a confirmed date where everyone’s schedules line up, so be sure to check in here to see when we may be playing next.

Style & Design

The site is ugly. I’m fully aware. This was a pretty quick project just to get something up, but over the course of the next few weeks I’ll be making minor and subtle adjustments to everything. Nothing should affect functionality but I’ll try to make it less of an eyesore and fudge around with the typography and stuff as I find time. It goes without saying, but with everything else going on, this isn’t much of a priority. It’ll slowly start to take shape so don’t get disheartened if for the next while the site looks like a Myspace circa 2007.

That’ll do it for me. As always, thanks for being rad.


Pizza Fund

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