Official Launch

Why, heeellllooooooo! Welcome to – A Sojourn For Weary Travelers. It’s my pleasure to officially launch this site to serve as a single point of communication for our bi-weekly game groups. Below, you’ll find some information about what you can expect out of this site.


Personal updates. Schedule updates. Story/plot updates. All sorts of updates. I’m fairly certain you get the idea.


I plan to implement several polls pertaining to our game groups. These might include what we want to play next, ideas on new hooks and/or plot devices, where the party would like to adventure to next, what food we want to nosh on for next session, and more. This way we can keep an official tally of things that require group decisions.


I’ve implemented a scheduling solution that should help us keep track of player availability. I encourage everyone to keep up with this so no one is ever left in the dark.


The Fireside Forum will be the primary point of communication for many of us. I would love to see this take off into a utility that we can use not only to express our thoughts and feelings about the current campaigns, but also as a medium for away-from-table role play.

The possibilities are pretty endless here. Have an in-character question for another one of the PCs? Want to start a side dialogue that could potentially influence a future party decision? Feel like expounding on your character’s backstory? Maybe you just want to do some in-character ranting to clue your GM into something he might have missed. This is the place to do it.

You’ll get a much better handle on how this tool can be used by lurking around the various topics once we get everything in motion.


I’ve created a simple form where I can receive suggestions from the players.


If you have anything that’s been eating away at you or you’re unhappy about how part of the game is being run, I’m always open to suggestions. Your identity will remain entirely confidential to both myself and the rest of the players. I would however request that this tool not be used for general discussion on things like “what we should play next” nor “I think we should go here and do this next session” as there are other, more robust tools for that on this site.


As you’ve probably noticed on the sidebar, I’ve started a simple Pizza Fund donation system where you can throw some Gold Dragons at your DM to assist in keeping the party fed through the purchase of pizza-pie, sody-pop, chippy-dips, and various other snacky-bits.


Anything you fellers throw my way is immensely appreciated, but in no way feel obligated or beholden to contribute anything more than your lovely presences. I’ve always assumed this responsibility and am happy to continuing doing so. This is merely a tool for people feeling especially philanthropic.


Anyway, I’m sure I’m forgetting some stuff, butthat about does it for me. Hopefully you folks get some good use out of this and I look forward to seeing it develop. Thanks or hearing me out and I’ll see you all at the gaming table.

-Ivan (Your benevolent overlord)

Pizza Fund

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