Next D&D 5e Session: April 13th, 2019


This session has been canceled. Please await further updates for time of next session. Thanks.

According to the availability calendar, most people have confirmed that we are a-go for April 13th, 2019. The 6th is confirmed as no bueno, so that would be our nearest working date. If for any reason you realize this conflicts, go ahead and I’ll amend this and make sure everyone knows that we’re off. Outside of that, if you haven’t confirmed availability for the next few coming Saturdays, please take a quick sec to do that by clicking the Availability link in the navigation menu and following the simple instructions. You can always change it later but it at least gives me a good idea of what the next month or two is going to look like, schedule wise.

Thanks, gang. I look forward to seein’ y’all again.

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