New Logo & Tentative Game Date A sojourn for weary travelers on a tavern sign highlighted by a d20

New Logo

Let me know what you guys thing. I spent a couple of minutes when I got bored on lunch to whip up a new logo since the old one was garbage. I’m no master of design by any means, but I kinda dig the tavern sign aesthetic.

I’m hoping to make some other stylistic changes to the site (i.e., typeface, background, and menu issues) as I find time and find motivation. As of now it’s not that regularly used, so no big deal, but we’ll see how things play out once the campaign starts back up.

Tentative Game Date: May 18th, 2019

After checking the availability, it looks like we’re all set for May 18th, 2019 to resume our 5e campaign of Storm King’s Thunder. If any of the bunch has a pressing engagement or can’t attend, just make sure to let the rest of us know asap so we can organize around it and develop a new date.

That should be all for today. As always, thanks a ton and I look forward to rolling the bones with y’all.

Pizza Fund

Select Encounter Difficulty & Click The Gold Dragon