D&D 5e: Stranger Things Starter Set Has Shipped

If you haven’t heard about the Stranger Things D&D 5e starter set that they developed in licensing with the show, then now you have. I pre-ordered it on amazon a month or so ago, and since then have been super hype about it.

If you don’t know, this starter set will allow you to “Experience the D&D adventure Stranger Things character Mike Wheeler has created for his friends,” reads the official product description, shared with Polygon by Wizards of the Coast. 

Here’s a link to the entire Polygon article.

Not entirely sure if I’ll hold onto it as a collector’s item or if I’m going to tear into it and form a small group to play through it with, but either way I’m like a kid on X-Mas.

If anyone is interested in getting down on this, reach out and let me know. It should be a short and fun little romp.

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